An examination of love as a dangerous and painful madness in jane eyre a novel by charlotte bronte

After supper, he began to ask me many questions, of where I had been, what I had been doing, how I had found him out; but I gave him only very partial replies: It was a sudden meeting, and one in which rapture was kept well in check by pain. Then there was the mad woman in the attic. Yes, life of some kind there was; for I heard a movement — that narrow front-door was unclosing, and some shape was about to issue from the grange.

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I have been travelling these last three days, and I believe I am tired. We highly recommend it. He put out his hand with a quick gesture, but not seeing where I stood, he did not touch me. If a moment's silence broke the conversation, he would turn restless, touch me, then say, "Jane.

In that sense, they were both screwed over by their families; they were young and silly, and neither of them really thought to slow down and think about things before saying their vows.

I will be your neighbour, your nurse, your housekeeper. John, saw impropriety in my inconsiderateness. As an adolescent, I suppose I became more interested in the love affair, though by then I had read Wuthering Heights and much preferred Heathcliff to Rochester, and the fairytale wish-fulfilment elements in Jane Eyre I already found annoying and disturbing.

Don't tell me so — lest I should say something disparaging to your judgment. I had no difficulty in restraining my voice from exclamation, my step from hasty advance. A soft hope blest with my sorrow that soon I should dare to drop a kiss on that brow of rock, and on those lips so sternly sealed beneath it: She hurries into the hallway, where Rochester assures everyone that a servant has merely had a nightmare.

I had a bedroom with a balcony that looked out over a large terraced garden, and I used to lean over it and see if I could catch sight of the current object of my affections, a married man who lived on the ground floor, with whom I was carrying on a romance of epic proportions, fuelled only by an occasional glance in my direction, the offer of a lift to the next village and, once, the soulful handing over of a flower.

You are come back to me then.

Jane Eyre by Sarah Waters, Margaret Drabble, Jeanette Winterson and others

I asked John to go down to the turn- pike-house, where I had dismissed the chaise, and bring my trunk, which I had left there: But I always woke and found it an empty mockery; and I was desolate and abandoned — my life dark, lonely, hopeless — my soul athirst and forbidden to drink — my heart famished and never to be fed.

Can you tell when there is a good fire. Gentle, soft dream, nestling in my arms now, you will fly, too, as your sisters have all fled before you: He sat in his chair — still, but not at rest: Your words have delineated very prettily a graceful Apollo: No — I have touched you, heard you, felt the comfort of your presence — the sweetness of your consolation: Pilot lay beside us: I asked a question, expecting John's wife to answer me, and your voice spoke at my ear.

Or what does it mean. There was no harassing restraint, no repressing of glee and vivacity with him; for with him I was at perfect ease, because I knew I suited him; all I said or did seemed either to console or revive him.

Except this skeleton can set fire to things. Rochester now tried to walk about: John is an accomplished and profound scholar.

You are certain of that?: The novel touches not one responsive note in me, but a whole sequence of them, each quite distinct. Rochester turned mechanically to see what the commotion was: You make me feel as I have not felt these twelve months. Rochester asks Jane to stanch the wound and then leaves, ordering Mason and Jane not to speak to one another.

The fact that she crawls around on all fours making animalistic noises and laughing in a creepy way also suggests that the thread of her sanity has long since snapped. I expect I saw a film version too, which would have reinforced all these impressions. He would visit the school sometimes.

Jane does not even attempt to hide her greed and need for love. Jane Eyre was deemed suitable because it has a minister in it, St John Rivers, who is keen on missionary work. I prepared him, likewise, a comfortable repast. His father had purchased the estate for the sake of the game covers.

He checked the water on its way to his lips, and seemed to listen:. Everything you ever wanted to know about Bertha Mason in Jane Eyre, written by masters of this stuff just for you. Skip to navigation madness runs in her family). Brontë, Bertha seems to become a strange kind of alter-ego.

Bertha is rejected by the man who was supposed to love her; Charlotte fell in love with an unattainable man. The key difference is that, where sensual love is morally suspect and dangerous in Austen, in Jane Eyre it is a potential force for mutual good and growth as much as it is a catalyst for despair.

Love, even when wildly and deliriously exciting, is not merely seductively pleasurable; nor is it benignly bountiful either. Madness appears throughout Jane Eyre. Two characters go mad and commit suicide while the main characters, Jane and Mr. Rochester, both have their moments of madness.

Two characters go mad and commit suicide while the main characters, Jane and Mr. Rochester, both have their moments of madness. Just like Jane herself, Bertha lives on in many forms – and gets her own story, of course, in another inspiring novel, Jean Rhys’s prequel to Jane Eyre, a brilliant bit of post-colonial revisionism Wide Sargasso Sea.

An Examination of Love as a Dangerous and Painful Madness in Jane Eyre, a Novel by Charlotte Bronte ( words, 2 pages) Examine the view that Bronte presents love as a dangerous and painful madness in this extractBronte uses dark imagery to connote to the idea that that love is confusing and painful and creates a madness and insanity for.

Start studying ENGLISH FINAL EXAM JANE EYRE. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Morton's wealthiest inhabitant; gives money to the school in Morton where Jane works; she is in love with St.

John but marries Mr. Granby Bronte uses food and hunger to reveal how people treat each other; the.

An examination of love as a dangerous and painful madness in jane eyre a novel by charlotte bronte
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Madness in "Jane Eyre"