Condom and reproductive health

Conclusions This study demonstrated a low level of SRH knowledge, a high unmet need for modern contraception and a high prevalence of unintended pregnancy among adolescent FSWs in Kunming.

This method is effective immediately. This creates a space for semen after ejaculation and makes it less likely that the condom will break.


This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. This means that babies and families do not happen by accident. A girl using condoms should call the doctor if: The procedure can be done in a hospital or in an outpatient surgical center. They can be purchased at drug stores.

Permanent Methods of Birth Control Contraceptive sterilization is a permanent, safe, and highly effective approach for birth control. HIV cases would increase. Some emergency contraceptive pills are available over the counter. Do not use oil-based lubricants such as massage oils, baby oil, lotions, or petroleum jelly with latex condoms.

Our services include outreach, testing, counseling, linkages to primary and secondary care, condom distribution, and educational and awareness activities designed to increase knowledge and skills of individuals while reducing the risk for becoming infected or infecting others with HIV or other sexually transmitted infections.


The other ring creates the open end of the condom. The paper-based data were double entered using EpiData version 3. Arguments and debates have been initiated due to this topic. Return to your doctor for a test to see if scar tissue has fully blocked your fallopian tubes. There are three different types of emergency contraceptive pills available in the United States.

If you are older than 35 years and smoke, have a history of blood clots or breast cancer, your doctor may advise you not to take the pill. The man can go home the same day.

Health disparities are still present within African American communities: It has a flexible ring at either end. It can be inserted up to eight hours before sexual intercourse.

It is packaged with a lubricant and is available at drug stores. Among sexually-active 15—19 year olds, the prevalence of unprotected sex, multiple abortions, and unsafe abortions exceeded that of women aged 20—24 years[ 11 ]. Many health centers and family planning clinics (such as Planned Parenthood) and some schools distribute them free of charge.

Female condoms are a little more expensive and cost about $2 per condom. Some health centers and family planning clinics have female condoms available for free. Female condoms may be one of the best kept secrets in reproductive health.

Even though the first female condom product was introduced about two decades ago, female condoms are still not well-known or widely available to most women and men worldwide. A male condom is a thin film cover that is placed over the penis.

Reproductive Health

Condoms prevent pregnancy by keeping sperm from entering a woman’s body. Condoms made from latex rubber are the most common type. World Health Organization, Department of Reproductive Health and Research (WHO/RHR) Generic Specification, Prequalification and Guidelines for Procurement, 2 Female Condom: Generic Specification, Prequalification and Guidelines for Procurement, Condom and Reproductive Health Essay Sample.

A version of the RH BILL has been filled and re-filled in congress since It has been very controversial due to what you believe and stand for.

Reproductive Health. Among reversible methods of birth control, intrauterine contraception and the contraceptive implant remain highly effective for years once correctly in place.

The effectiveness of the contraceptive shot, pills, patch and ring, and barrier and fertility awareness-based methods, depends on correct and consistent.

Condom and Reproductive Health Essay Sample Condom and reproductive health
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