Equality and diversity case studies nhs

We also commission research from time-to-time. Diabetic retinopathy is more common in individuals of Pakistani, Indian or Bangladeshi descent Some forms of glaucoma are more than three times more prevalent among people of Afro-Caribbean and Chinese descent, and are often more severe.

In conjunction with policy colleagues at Department of Education, we use SFA learner data and other research, including emerging themes, to identify areas to target for improvement. There was no monitoring of the chaperoning policy, but it was clear that male nurses suffered from a stereotype attitude that men could not care for patients in the same way women did.

As part of the formation of the new organisation, stakeholders and community partners have been engaged to help build a new way of working in partnership right from the start. People of Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi and other South Asian descent are six times more likely to develop Type 2 diabetes than Caucasians.

Adler also identified five strategies for managing cultural diversity Figure 4. Five organizational values are trust and respect, high level of achievement and contribution, uncompromising integrity, teamwork and flexibility and innovation.

The company's products and services are used in industry, business, engineering, science, medicine, education, and the home in more than countries Seltzer, If we give a close look in the figure 6 and 7, it is clear that Hp follows this paradigm in 21st century.

Section one presents a brief overview of Hp, section two focuses on dimensions of diversity management followed by cost benefits of diversity management, section three discusses the strategies and paradigms of diversity management. Understanding and Overcoming Group Conflict, pp.

We find strong multicultural workforce diversity in the Hp operation and a variety of workforce diversity within the company. This is important work as research evidence shows that improving workforce race equality in the NHS will lead to better healthcare for everyone and better use of NHS resources.

Seven corporate objectives are profit, customers, fields of interest, growth, people, management, and citizenship. Over the years, Hp ensures an inclusive, flexible work environment that values differences and motivates employees to contribute their best. Managing diversity itself is a complex phenomenon.

This was superseded by the Equality Act Hp believes that to better serve customers, it must attract, develop, promote and retain a diverse workforce. This organisation is required by law to comply with the Act: How do you ensure your decisions are fair, open and transparent.

So they need further cross cultural training and workshop to develop their diversity skill.

Equality and Diversity Resources

People from ethnic minorities can face specific challenges to their mental health and well being. This resource is designed to help you learn more about embedding equality and diversity into both leadership and curriculum development and the competencies needed to achieve this.

The basic metaphor is the classic melting pot that is new comers assimilates into the basic, existing identity by dissolving their old memberships and value systems. Creating a diverse, inclusive environment has been an ongoing journey of continuous action for many years. Final section provides some recommendations which could be effective for any multicultural organization and particularly for Hp.

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

Merging with Compaq, Hp reaffirmed the five enduring values and added two more: Further research can be conducted by taking a Bangladeshi company into account and compare its diversity management issue with translational or multinational company and also taking care of socio-cultural and economic circumstances of the host country.

Many of the activities are interchangeable with different resources. Eliminate unlawful discrimination, harassment, victimisation and any other conduct prohibited by the Act.

Moreover, accountability for diversity and inclusion goals drives the success of Hp.

Case Studies

In part, this stems fromthe absence of any legal definition in race relations legislation. Case studies; Contact; NHS superstars. NHS superstars; Nominate a superstar; Meet our superstars.

Diversity & Inclusion tools, resources and shared learning

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In The Equality Effect: Improving Life for Everyone, Danny Dorling delivers evidence that more equal countries enjoy better outcomes, with their populations being happier, healthier and more creative, producing less waste and committing fewer crimes. Using equality information to reduce non-attendance at the Diabetic Eye Screening Programme - Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust.

This case study illustrates the benefits of collecting and using equality information to identify the needs of people with particular protected characteristics and to measure progress in responding to those needs over time.

The purpose of this exploratory study was to investigate the business case for equality and diversity in Small and Medium-Size Enterprises. National Health Service (NHS) studies focusing. NHS Borders Equality Mainstreaming Information has also been gathered in the form of case studies to illustrate in a snapshot the advice, training and support to help staff understand the importance of equality and diversity and to help NHS Borders to develop mainstreaming.

An appropriate and accurate evidence base to inform the. Diversity & Inclusion tools, resources and shared learning Case studies. South Essex Partnership University NHS Trust - Personal, fair and diverse champions Equality and Diversity manager at Royal Liverpool Hospitals talks about the importance of the trust's workforce diversity monitoring project.

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Equality and diversity case studies nhs
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