Love marriage and daily routine

Righteousness is the rule of life.

Dull days wreck a marriage faster than fighting

In this way, you have to humble yourself in the presence of God. Grant us an understanding heart, Equal vision, Balanced mind, Grant us inner spiritual strength To resist temptations and to control the mind. Make each other smile.

Reconnect With Your Spouse With This Daily Routine

See woman as the Energy of God. She must study religious books such as Ramayana, Bhagavata and Mahabharata. A woman without modesty is a mere void although she possesses many other virtues.

If she studies daily Ramayana or Bhagavata and leads a pious life during her period of pregnancy, she will give birth to a noble and pious child.

Your life will, indeed, be blessed. Let us serve Thee in all these names and forms. I think things will change when I start school then I think I will move again after I complete school and look abroad.

The daily life of the Grihastha and his Grihalakshmi must be the sublime process of manifesting their inner divinity and expressing it outwardly through thought, speech and action.

16 Daily Love Routines to Keep Your Marriage Thriving

Cultivate a melting heart, the giving hand, the kindly speech, the life of service, equal vision, and impartial attitude. Lead a life of ideal householders. That might involve having coffee together in the morning, calling each other or sending a message during a lunch break, or sharing our day with each other come the evening.

The sanctity of married life has to be realised in all its fullness and in all its seriousness. Your Real Nature is not earthly.

She should invite them for dinner on auspicious days. Feel also that this world is a manifestation of the Lord or Visva Vrindavan and your children, wife, father and mother are the images of the same Lord. Write daily for half an hour in a notebook your Ishta Mantra, observing Mowna and without turning to the other sides.

His life has shifted, his goals have changed, and the man he once was is no longer the man I see every day. May your life be radiant like the shining sun and bring light into the lives of many others.

Walk in the path of righteousness. Your morning jog will become a routine for the two of you, which will become a ritual of exercising with each other.

16 Daily Love Routines to Keep Your Marriage Thriving

Fill our hearts with divine virtues. Egoism is the worst blemish. Put the instructions in daily practice. The child learns the alphabet from the mother. She should wake up her children also at this time and make them do Japa and Kirtan.

July 6, at 3: Your eternal, imperishable, immortal, spiritual nature must be realised and experienced in this very life. Yes, even adults need routines and especially couples. Creating daily routines gives couples a sense of security in their marriage. Rebuilding intimacy and maintaining connection won’t happen by itself.

It takes effort. Rituals of connection strengthen relationships, and give couples something to look forward to each day. Daily rituals. A free printable for planning out your daily cleaning schedule! About Me. Life List; Disclosure; Advertise; Start A Blog; Work With Me; Love and Marriage.

I also have my daily reminder to get 10 minutes of sunlight every day. Sounds silly, but you would be surprised how often you can get stuck inside or just go directly from the house to. Home» Daily Routine Blog» Lifestyle» Choosing To Love You. Choosing To Love You October 11, mother and wife totally overtook my daily thoughts, and marriage got rough.

When we find ourselves standing on shaky ground instead of the sacred ground of certainty, we get rocked—and so does our marriage. Within a marriage, our daily habits are numerous, so we can put our mind on “auto-pilot,” leaving room for a husband and wife to think about new horizons or different projects together.

Boredom and a dull, daily routine can kill a marriage, squashing intimacy and romance faster than fighting, a new study finds. For example, saying “I love you” to your partner before you leave in the morning creates an early routine of reminding your partner that they are on your mind.

Routines create rituals that make up the symbolism of who you two are as a couple – or even as a family.

Love marriage and daily routine
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