Similarities between jesus christ and julius caesar

On the Julian Origin of Christianity. They are careful, though, not to cast excessive doubt on their state religion, and they end up with a politically correct version that still represents the traditional story in a mostly positive light, comparably to what some more liberal Christians might say today.

Do we have anything for Jesus Christ for that matter. Julius Caesar put The Julian Calendar in place. The event, at least as described in the gospels, belongs rather to myth and symbol than to history.

Historians agree that Caesarion was born in Egypt in 47 BC. Both are dressed in red royal robes and wear a crown on their heads: Twice each was confronted with a lobeless liver. As a result he improved much in the civilian sphere at Rome, and brought the year, which was still of variable length due to the occasional insertion of intercalary months which were calculated according to the lunar calendar, into harmony with the course of the sun, according to Egyptian observance.

Romulus, son of Mars and Ilia, who will found Rome on 7 hills and lead the city to bound its power with earth and its spirit with Olympus; and 2. Both characters, if at one point historical, have accumulated many mythological elements.

One of them made a long journey across the desert in the hot season [ 1 ] to the shrine of Ammonand when the sea was pushed back crossed the Pamphylian gulf by divine power, for heaven held back the deep for him until he passed, and it rained for him while he was on the march.

While fleeing the advancing troops of Octavius, the future Emperor Augustus, Caesarion could only be protected by leaving the region of the world known as the Roman Empire. He was in the fifty-sixth year of his life, a man who was extremely lucky in everything, gifted with a divine spark, disposed to great deeds, and fittingly compared with Alexander.

John is adopted by Jesus as he is dying on the cross. The first time it indicated extreme danger. From that hour Romulus was no longer seen on earth. His twin was Cleopatra Selene II. The Roman historian Suetonius wrote, It must be acknowledged from the outset that such an ongoing, multi-millennial conspiracy to fabricate the most significant and profound piece of history in Western Civilization was perpetrated for very specific reasons, and with great purpose.

He scoffed at them, saying they had been the same in Hispania, and when the seer said that he had indeed been in danger on that occasion, and that the omen was now even more deadly, he made some concession to this forthrightness by repeating the sacrifice, until finally he became irritated by being delayed by the priests and went in to his death.

Caesar on the Ides 15 th of March, Jesus on the 15 th of Nisan. Other religious traditions have similar stories of virgin births of divine incarnations around whom new religions sprang up.

This voyage was like a liberating and exhilarating breath of fresh air. These were the principal events at home and in the field that marked the reign of Romulus. The addition of the darkness to the crucifixion story was likely at least partially inspired by the parallel symbolism with the 3 days of darkness in the Exodus and Noah stories, and creating a literary connection with Amos 8: Still, it is noteworthy that one alternative was mentioned by the writer of Matthew Throughout — whether we consider the courage he showed in recovering his ancestral throne, or the wisdom he displayed in founding the City and adding to its strength through war and peace alike — we find nothing incompatible with the belief in his divine origin and his admission to divine immortality after death.

This is augmented by comparisons from archaeologynumismaticsiconographyliturgyand ritual traditions. The author was on the right track: there are a lot of similarities between Jesus and Caesar, and it is no coincidence.

However, the reason is /5(23). Are there similarities between Julius Caesar and Jesus Christ?

Similarities between jesus christ and julius caesar

Julius Caesar spent his life defeating the enemies of Rome. He was frequently outnumbered two, three, and more to one.

Was Jesus the Christ born as Caesarion?

Despite the odds, Caesar and his Legions waged and won wars in Italy, France, Spain, England, Germany, Illyria, the Balkans, Greece, the Mid-east, Egypt, North Africa, and, again, in Spain.

He won wherever he went. Aug 10,  · Such apparent close similarities between Jesus Christ and Julius Caesar has a scholar named Francesco Carotta perceived that he has gone so far as to claim that: Jesus was Caesar.

Whilst this is not my own view, which is rather that “Jesus Christ was the Model for some legends surrounding Julius Caesar”, the similarities found by. Evidence Between Homer, Julius Caesar and Jesus Christ Commentarii de Bello Gallico (English: Commentaries on the Gallic War) is Julius Caesar's firsthand account of the Gallic Wars from BC, written as a third-person narrative.

The earliest extant manuscripts of the text belong to the Middle Ages. The study of Jesus in comparative mythology is the examination of the narratives of the life of Jesus in the Christian gospels, Christian apologists at the time noted similarities between them, but, in the fourth century AD, Pope Julius I () decreed that his birth would be celebrated on 25 December.

Nov 08,  · The Eerie Similarities Between Julius Caesar and Jesus Christ Over two-thousand years, some events happened. Tales of the events were passed down orally by common people, in societies where over 80% of the population was illiterate.

Similarities between jesus christ and julius caesar
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